Hi everyone My name is Poppy I am a Cavion ( King Charles Cavalier Spaniel cross with a Bichon Frise ) I had my first groom the other day and this is My diary of the groom .

My mummy and My cousin took me into a shed where is nice lady stroke and praised me . My mummy and cousin then left, I was a bit upset but the nice lady gave me a hug and spoke to me . The lady then health check me and gave me a stroke as well.

 The nice lady then cut my nails and plucked my hair that was in my ear cannel ,she then cleaned my ears and brushed me all over . The lady kept saying good girl Poppy as I was well behaved . The lady then had this noisy vibrating thing that went through me coat, I was unsure but the lady gave me a treat and praised me so I didn't mind. Lots of hair flew everywhere I didn't know where it coming from until the lady stroked me and I realised it was from me. The lady then placed me in a bath I don't mind bath but normally My mummy's there . She got me wet all over ,I wasn't impressed  The nice lady then rubbed with nice smelling gel in my hair and it bubbled .The lady put this other gel on my face and rubbed it , it felt nice and I closed my eyes . Once the lady stop rubbing me Which I was happy about she got me all wet again .

When the lady decided to stop getting me wet , she placed me in a towel and gave me a nice hug and a rub all over. I was then put on the table again where she put this big blower thing on me I was a little unsure but I ended up liking it once I realised it wasn't scary . I got loads of praises which I was excited and wagged my tail . The lady then turn off the big thing and then went over me with the vibrating thing again I was such a good girl, I didn't care . The lady then gave me a brush and lifted my legs up one at a time, she them trimmed some of my hair on my legs .Afterwards I got a big hug and nice smelly perfume . My Mum came back I was so excited I wanted to tell mum all about it . Apprently the groom the lady gave was called a Puppy cut, my mum loved me being so fluffy .